Tuesday, January 17, 2012

UNgreeting card by Erika Jane Mallette

Ungreeting Card by Erika Jane MalletteFrom erikajane82
This is what I've dubbed an "ungreeting card' featuring my Bad Richey painting. There are plenty of cards out there that say such nice pretty thangs, and I've created some that say ugly thangs,. This one is for that special someone that needs to hear it ....."go F**k yourself", you know, maybe your nosey neighbor, or your ex, or that girl in the office that thinks she's better than you, that clown thats talking the shit behind your back, so on and so forth and the like and what not.
This can be a gag gift or serious, its all up to you.! now go to my etsy and buy one!

i'm emerging from cave man status, well a little....

I've just recently decided to try to come out and join the digital age a little more, or i guess I didn't decide to, I just started messing with coloring some of my drawings digitally. Heres my drawing before, which was pencil and marker that I scanned and colored, or attempted to color on the computer. I kinda like it! I usually don't use the computer to make artwerks because I work on the computer about 8-10 hours a day and thats the last thing I wanna do is sit at the computer more, but maybe I should embrace my fat of sitting and staring at the screen for all eternity. I present to you James Hand

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 update! featured artist at the Hive Gallery LA

I am currently putting together my 2012 calendar!!
I was just added to the Hive Gallery's featured artist list for September 2012!! I'm dubbing my group of paintings "Cowboys, Creeps, and Clowns". soupa exicted. More dates coming soon..........

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

poster time!! -The Civil Wars

So, I have been doing a couple of drawings for Thomas Self at A-Frame studios! Here is the drawing I did and the finished poster for The Civil Wars. Since I don't use computers to make art its so fascinating to me to see the finished product. Its like magic! you'ns enjoy