Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have an easel!!!! (finally)

So, I finally have an easel!!!! and it was free! I ain't never had no fancy easel before!! haha...No more crouching on the floor causing pain to my scoliosified spine, or ruining the kitchen counter tops of houses and apartments that I don't own. No more! I know I know, I shoulda already had one years ago (since that's what serious artists do) but I am an orphan with no trust fund in sight, and because of that... I have a "make do" attitude, and I don't spend much money on myself. Not that I'm trying to make any kind of statement, it just rarely crosses my mind to buy things that I might need. I don't think my "make do" attitude is a bad one to have. You just have to be creative. I'm not used to being handed things, but is sure is nice when someone thinks about you and gives you something... just because they think you might need it.
I've never even priced easels. This easel was courtesy of Kirk of Swim Pure Austin, Texas. It's nice and used like. I think it was in a garage for about 20 years or sumthin. I like things that have some history to them. Thanks Kirk! and thank you Keith for putting it together for me! Here's me and Rabbit painting on a sunday afternoon....

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